Connecting Merchants with Consumers

The idea of developing strong relationships to business owners seemed to be a dinosaur concept to many credit card processing companies near me; so I created the Gatlic Group in order to bring about a consultative approach with a purpose to help local businesses.
Business owners in Columbia & Lexington were tired of being on hold with a 1-800 number with an overseas customer service rep.
They were also tired of being taken advantage of.
I wanted them to know that they had a friend in the Gatlic Group that was always looking out for them and their well-being.
That’s the sole reason I started the company. I wanted to be a servant to those who were not served correctly.

- Steven Morris

When you want to stay on top of your business income and expenses, the Gatlic Group is here to help you plan and tightly manage Your financial performance.

Mobile App Development

The Gatlic Group can help you develop a mobile app for your business

People are using their mobile phones now more than ever. You can’t walk down the busiest street or sit in your local restaurant without seeing everyone you encounter on their mobile phones, happily scrolling through their favorite app.
We use our phones for everything. Social Media. Banking. Mobile Ordering. Shopping, Etc.

Pay Zero Credit Card Processing Fees

Are you tired of paying monthly credit card processing fees?  Since the inception of credit card processing every customer that came into your place of business resulted in every merchant paying fees to process those payments.  

If you ran a $100 sale on your credit card terminal under a conventional effective rate of 2%, it would result in the merchant only pocketing $98. But your item retailed for $100?  So the credit card processing fees actually took away from the overall profitability of the business.  

For years businesses that accepted credit and debit card transactions paid hundreds (and sometimes thousands) in credit card fees.


With emergence of a compliant program called Zero Fee Processing, merchants are now able to pass 100% of all their credit card fees over to the consumer.  In this day and age, when mostly every consumer credit card comes with reward points, frequent flyer miles, and bonus bucks - merchants are now realizing that they are the ones paying those astronomical fees for every card that they accept as payment for their business.   Let the Gatlic Group help you realize tremendous savings through Zero Fee Payment platform.  Let us show you how to accept credit cards for your business in the same way that you would accept cash – without paying ONE RED CENT!!


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