People are using their mobile phones now more than ever.

You can’t walk down the busiest street or sit in your local restaurant without seeing everyone you encounter on their mobile phones, happily scrolling through their favorite app.

We use our phones for everything. Social Media. Banking. Mobile Ordering. Shopping, Etc.

The Gatlic Group can help you develop a mobile app for your business for less than $175 per month with the ability to control the data of each customer you interact with as well as the ability to offer your customer the option to pay for your product or service before it is even disseminated to them. You can offer customer loyalty through your app, online ordering, and greatly control the customer experience. You now have the option to compete with Starbucks, McDonald’s and many other retail/restaurant chains by having your very own mobile app on the Android Market and Apple Store.

The idea of contactless payments and curbside delivery can now be made available. For many of our customers we even can offer FREE delivery services through GrubHub and UberEats

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