Pos Systems

Point of Sale Systems have come
a LONG way within the last couple of years.

For many years, major retailers and restaurants were the only ones spending $15,000 or more for point-of-sale systems like Aloha and Micros to be able to effectively run their business.  For restaurants that needed a kitchen printer, multiple units for the bar and server station area it was not odd to thousands on needed equipment to operate their business correctly.

Many of those fees did not even include the software integration fees, service cost or installation of the system.

Those days are OVER!!!!!

Today a small merchant can have the right system that meets their needs for one-tenth the price of what they used to pay 5 years ago.   Many systems are cloud based and offer a way for merchants to be able to run their business remotely through their tablets or laptop computers.  You can control your inventory, sales tax, employee logistics, payroll, loyalty programs and customer analytics.

Call the Gatlic Group today and let one of our pos specialist connect with you to help you find the correct point of sale system for your retail and/or hospitality business.   We have systems that range from $550 to $9000 fully configured and ready to go

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